It was part of the culture for young black men in the 60's. You got together with your buddies and sang on the street corners, in the gym and at parties. You sang doo-wop, those rhythm and blues hits full of vocal harmonies. You dreamed of hitting the big time like your musical idols, wearing the fancy suits and performing your hit songs, meeting your fans, and performing at the world famous Apollo Theatre in New York City. For one blessed young man, the legendary Jimi Dougans, he saw his dreams come true. He hit the big time in the early 70's. He performed at the Apollo Theatre, Carnegie Hall, Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, the Greek Theatre, just to name a few places. He has appeared on The Midnight Special, In Concert, and The Mike Douglas Show; just to name a few television programs.

Back in the mid 60's, the late great Eddie Kendrick was Jimi's musical mentor and touched his life and spirit. He patterned his voice after Kendricks and never dreamed the day that he would one day meet him and record and tour with him. "One of the great pleasures of being involved in this wonderful exciting world of music is the truly outstanding people you get to meet and know," says Jimi, "Once in a lifetime, God brings someone into your life who makes it full and rewarding." "Not only was he my musical mentor," "but became a good friend and one of the kindest and nicest persons to know and work with." Jimi first met Kendricks in the late 60's, while Kendricks was still a member of The Temptations, (who are considered by many to be the premier singing group of all times). Says Jimi, "Eddie called me to inform me that he was going to leave the group. I talked him out of leaving the group. As the months passed, I talked him out of quitting two more times. Then one day he called me and told me that he had just quit the group." It was at this time in musical history immediately after starting his solo career that Kendricks solicited (the Emperors of Go-Go) The Young Senators' services. Kendricks with his silky falsetto voice, combined with The Young Senators' soulful sounds, first collaborated on his second album, "People Hold On." According to Kendricks' former producer, Frank Wilson, "The Young Senators provided a new sound for the veteran performer. I wanted to move away from the Motown Sound and get closer to what people were hearing when Kendricks performed live with the group," said Wilson. "We got that feel with "Girl You Need a Change of Mind". After hearing the group perform, Wilson pushed "The Young Senators into musical history by making them the first road band ever to record with a Motown act. Jimi sings in a falsetto that's eerily similar to Kendricks' that was used most effectively on recordings and during Kendricks' live performances. "Our very first engagement with Kendricks was at the famous Apollo Theatre in New York City, and our reception was phenominal," says Jimi. "Kendricks broke the attendance record. It was phenomenal, New York City loved him, Kendrick passed the test as a solo artist." On February 24, 2002, The Young Senators were inducted into the "Go-Go Hall of Fame."

Through Jimi's hard work, city Mayors in Atlanta, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Detroit, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, Cleveland, Chicago, and Birmingham have all issued Proclamations declaring June 11th as "Eddie Kendrick Day" as a part of "Black Music Month." Kendrick spirit still lives in Jimi's heart and soul and he truly thanks GOD for the wonderful gift of his late musical mentor and friend, Eddie James Kendrick. "When I sing his songs, I can feel his spirit," says Jimi.

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